Dr Ignatieva Anastasiia

Plastic and reconstructive surgeon

About the doctor
Anastasia Ignatieva is a surgeon from medical dynasty with the history more then 100 years. Surgeon in the 3 generation, who provides aesthetic operations and reconstructive treatment to patients since 2015.
Mrs. Anastasia is one of the founder of international charity fund “Dr. Ignatyev’s Fund” in 2012 and a director of the project “Ukrainian Face” 2022 – free reconstructive operations on the face to Ukrainians who have suffered from war in Ukraine.
Training in plastic surgery techniques in Kiev at KGB No. 6 “Medgorodok” under the guidance of Professor Kolesnikov Evgeny Borisovich. International fellowship in best private clinics of plastic surgery in Ukraine and Europe – Queen Elizabeth Hospital in England, Valerie Clinic in Switzerland, Dr Ignatyev Clinic in Spain. Mrs.Ignatieva annually is attending educational courses all over the world: South Korea, France, Spain, Switzerland, UK etc.

In 2017, she was included in the list of 50 best young surgeons according to IASSS rating at the 47th World Congress of Surgeons in Switzerland and became the first representative of Ukraine at the prestigious international congress.

Visiting Queen Elizabeth Hospital in 2017, 2019 in England as an international plastic surgeon. Specializes in flap transplant operations, face and body defect excision, urgent plastic surgery, burn surgery, aesthetic surgery, peripheral nervous system microsurgery, orthopedics, reconstructive rhinoplasty, oncological diseases and plastic surgery.

Practical experience in Switzerland at the Valere Sion clinic, which is part of the Swiss Medical Network premium clinic network. Training in techniques of reduction mammoplasty, breast augmentation, body modeling and hand surgery.

Practical skills in Spain at the Clinic of Aesthetic Surgery in Marbella. Participation in facelift surgery, abdominoplasty, hand and thigh lift, otoplasty, body modeling, lipofilling of the lips and face, blepharoplasty techniques, a combination of procedures and operations to achieve the best result.

Specialization on the basis of the Institute of Postgraduate Education named after Shupik in KGB No. 6 “Medgorodok” at the Department of General and Emergency Surgery. Training in techniques of reduction mammoplasty in men with gynecomastia, face lifting, breast augmentation, blepharoplasty, liposuction and body modeling, abdominoplasty and other basic operations in aesthetic surgery.

Since July 2019, she has been receiving appointments at the International Clinic of Dr. Ignatiev in Ukraine and in Spain.

In 2020 the winner of Grand for education in plastic surgery in South Korea during 2 months.

Since June 2022 is working in France, Paris.

“Plastic and reconstructive surgery helps people to rise confidence in themselfs and can repair lost functions”

Anastasiia Ignatieva
Professional practice

Professional Development
2009-2015 Education at the Medical University of NMU named after A.A. Bogomolets, Kiev, Ukraine

Since 2015, practical experience in plastic surgery with regular internships in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Practical experience:
2015-2017 School of Plastic Surgery, Kiev, Ukraine

2017-2018 Internship in Spain in aesthetic surgery, plastic surgery clinic Dr Ignatyev Clinic, Marbella, Spain

2017 International visiting doctor in Switzerland in orthopedics and plastic surgery, Clinique de Valere, Sion, Switzerland

2017  International resident in England in Plastic Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Plastic surgery department, Birmingham, UK

2018-2019 Specialization in plastic and reconstructive surgery on the basis of NMAPE  Shupika, Kiev, Ukraine under the leadership of Kolesnikov Evgeny Borisovich.

2018 Fellowship in Endovascular Surgery, “Center for Endocrine Surgery, Transplantation of Endocrine Organs and Tissues”, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 International resident in England in Plastic Surgery, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Plastic surgery department, Birmingham, UK

2020 International fellowship in plastic surgery in Korea, Seoul

2022 Work in Paris, France

Further training and conferences:
2013 Summit for Aesthetic Medicine Specialists, Esthetic education original 2013, Yalta, Ukraine

2015 Summit for specialists in aesthetic medicine, Esthetic education exellence, Kiev, Ukraine

2016 Annual Meeting of the British Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons, BAPRAS Summer Meeting, Bristol, UK

2016 International Conference IFOMPT, Glasgow, UK

2016 Summit for specialists in aesthetic medicine, Esthetic education exellence, Kiev, Ukraine

2016 Scientific-practical conference “Complex cases in plastic surgery”, Kiev, Ukraine

2017 Master class “Functional Aesthetic Rhinoplasty”, Poltava, Ukraine

2017 School of Plastic Surgery, Marbella International Plastic Surgery Summerschool, Marbella, Spain

2017 47th World Congress of Surgeons, 47th WCS 2017, Basel, Switzerland

2017 Laparoscopy course, DAVOS course for Gastrointestinal Surgery, Basel, Switzerland

2018 Scientific-practical conference with international participation “Actual issues of general and emergency surgery”, Kiev, Ukraine

2018 Visit to the 14th congress of surgeons of Ukraine dedicated to the 100th birthday of O.O. Shalimov

2019 Thematic improvement course in laparoscopy, “Practical skills of laparoscopic surgery”, Center of Surgical Innovations, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 Oncoplastic breast reconstruction – international training, International workshop “Oncoplastic and breast reconstructive surgery in miltidisciplinary aproach”, LISOD, Kiev, Ukraine

2019 Orthoplastic meeting in London, Orthoplastic meeting, King’s College Hospital, London, UK

2019 Annual Congress of the British Society of Plastic Aesthetic Surgeons in London.

2019 Rhinoplastic Symposium in London.

2019 Visit CCR-expo 2019 in London

2020 Speaker in Ukrainian congress of plastic reconstructive surgery

2021 Microsurgery course in Spain, Madrid provided by European society of microsurgery “Flap reconstruction on cadaver: Theoretical introduction to the basic concepts of microsurgery”.

2021 Organization of Plastic and reconstructive conference in Kyiv, Ukraine

2022 Gluteal Implants course, France, Paris

2022 Speaker on IMCAS in Paris, France

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